Legacy And Intergenerational Planning

Ensuring Your Hard-Earned Money Lands In The Right Place
Evergreen Wealth Advisory understands how important it is for you to leave your mark on the world, protect your assets, and provide for the people you love. Our commitment is working with you to help make sure you accomplish this through legacy and intergenerational planning.


Both estate planning and legacy planning involve thinking about what will happen after you pass on. However, there are differences between the two processes that we will help you think about.

When we work with you on legacy and intergenerational planning, we guide you through the process of thinking about what you want to leave behind and how you want to be remembered. You may decide that you want to create a charitable foundation so you can ensure your philanthropic efforts. Perhaps you hope to create a trust so all of your grandchildren and great-grandchildren can attend the university of their choosing. Legacy and intergenerational planning involves bringing generations together to talk about finances. Information about investments, pensions, savings, property/collectibles, debt, and financial pinch-points will be discussed.

Legacy and intergenerational planning involves using more advanced tools to accomplish different objectives. It also involves taking steps to make sure your business can pass seamlessly onto your family or new owners and continue operating after you are gone. You can make special plans for family heirlooms or take other steps to make sure your family history is not forgotten.

Evergreen Wealth Advisory believes and lives the values of legacy and intergenerational planning through the power of generosity.  Generosity through giving back to the community sets our business apart and demonstrates the importance of gratitude.

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