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Our Core Values are the Foundation of What We Do
Evergreen Wealth Advisory - Loyal


At Evergreen Wealth Advisory, we believe in being whole and undivided. This means that our clients are treated with the same level of honesty as family members because they represent a part of who we are—and it shows through how we operate and perform our business practices: always treating others precisely as one would want to be treated. 

Evergreen Wealth Advisory - Integrity


Evergreen Wealth Advisory is a firm that values loyalty. This means we will stick around through tough times and work with you as long as needed to make it work for both parties. Our goal is centered towards building strong relationships with clients and working together in ways we can both grow and succeed.

Evergreen Wealth Advisory


Evergreen Wealth Advisory’s financial professionals believe that each and every plan should be tailored to suit you. We take the time necessary for an accurate analysis of your situation so we can create a personalized strategy that will work best in any circumstance! We’re here when it matters most—our financial experts are ready at all times to lend a hand.

Evergreen Wealth Advisory - Passionate


We work as financial advisors because it is our passion to share our knowledge and help with your financial struggles. We view our work as something that’s important and we love doing it, which is why you won’t find any other company out there with more passion than ours for the industry!

Evergreen Wealth Advisory Takes A Unique Approach To Growing Your Wealth

Our specialized team of Edmonton financial professionals helps you give more and get more out of life.

Our mission is to help you create integrated wealth strategies through our specialized and comprehensive planning approach. Our team builds personal and professional relationships based on integrity, loyalty, focus, and trust together with an authentic client experience. We accomplish this mission by offering holistic, financial blueprints (plans), and wealth advisory services for success today and into the future.

Diverse Solutions To Meet Diverse Needs

Evergreen Wealth Advisory’s Team Of Financial Professionals Offers You Peace Of Mind And Security

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is at the core of everything we do at Evergreen Wealth Advisory. Having a solid financial blueprint in place is crucial in achieving your short and long-term financial goals.

Insurance And Protection

Our team ensures you have adequate insurance that protects your family, estate and business should you encounter an unforeseen circumstance.

Legacy Creation

You have worked all your life and saved for retirement. Have you created a legacy plan you are proud of? Evergreen Wealth Advisory can help.

Private Capital And Portfolio Management

Evergreen Wealth Advisory’s team can provide access to private capital and portfolio management services through our advisors’ registrations with Raintree Financial Solutions.

Ready to take the next step and receive customized assistance for your financial needs?


A Collaborative Team of Edmonton
Financial Professionals

Evergreen Wealth Advisory knows that your financial goals are unique and personal to you. Therefore, our multidisciplinary team works together to help achieve your short and long-term investment and planning dreams.
Matthew Hammond, CFP®

Matthew Hammond, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner® | Wealth Advisor

Crystal Kelly, QAFP™

Crystal Kelly, QAFP™

Insurance Advisor

William Vandermeer, CFP®, CIM®

William Vandermeer, CFP®, CIM®

Wealth Advisor