Insurance And Protection

Protecting What Matters Most
The decision to buy insurance is more than just protection against risks. Our specialized approach to your insurance analysis is the only way to properly assess your financial situation and determine all risks associated with your family, business, and wealth.


Your insurance analysis will ensure you have all risks covered.  It can be part of your financial blueprint or as a stand alone service. While it is common for people to own some amount of life insurance, we find few are properly prepared in their business or when protecting their estate against taxes. Moreover, few clients are adequately protected against the risk of becoming injured, disabled, or critically ill. This loss of income usually requires a significant amount of capital to protect your family and long-term wealth.

Our goal is to ensure you, your family, your business, and your estate are protected should you encounter an unforeseen life event. An insurance analysis will show you exactly what kind of financial exposure you face and the coverage you need. The types of insurance we can provide you with include:


  •  Personal life, disability, and critical illness
  • Business protection
  • Corporate insured retirement strategies
  • Health and dental plans
  • Travel

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