Financial Planning

Looking At Your Entire Financial Picture
Evergreen Wealth Advisory challenges the status quo. While many advisors start the financial planning process by offering advice on which investments to buy, Evergreen Wealth Advisory believes there’s more to building wealth than your RRSP and investment portfolio.


Our holistic approach to financial planning include tax planning, estate planning, education planning, investment strategies and legacy and succession planning. In order for you to achieve your financial goals, it’s important to look at the whole picture and reduce the overall risks in your plan.

Your financial blueprint for success focuses on you as an individual, your family, and your long-term plans and legacy. By focusing on both the financial and psychological factors that have an impact on your life, we can build you a customized strategy giving you financial peace of mind.

We offer two options for financial planning:

1. A fee-only plan created by our Financial Planning Specialist. This approach focuses on what you currently have for products and what long-term strategies are required.

2. A team approach plan created by our Financial Planning Specialist with focused advice from all required specialists. This approach ensures you have the best solutions to meet your short and long-term financial goals.

Our Financial Planning Client Strategy


Initial Consultation

Firstly, the objective of an initial consultation is for us to get to know each other. We will introduce the Evergreen Wealth Advisory team and learn about your situation – your financial goals, needs and pain points. This is our opportunity to see if working together is a fit for both parties.


Current Financial Snapshot

Secondly, we will use the takeaways from our first meeting to analyze your unique situation and create an initial financial plan and base recommendations.


Initial Plan Review & Recommendations

Next, we will meet again to discuss our team’s recommendations and review the plan together. This provides a great opportunity to ask any questions regarding your plan. We will also decide on the base strategy and immediate action steps.


Financial Blueprint & Execution Plan

Lastly, we will put together your detailed financial blueprint with a plan to execute on the next steps. Your blueprint and execution plan will be reviewed as required throughout each life event and major change in your financial status. Our goal is to build a personal and long-term relationship with you and your family for generations to come. For this reason, it’s important to notify us of any life changes so applicable adjustments can be made to your blueprint and overall strategy.

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