The CFP® Designation

Not all financial planners are created equal. Read below to learn why you can feel confident in the financial services provided by an advisor who holds a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) designation. 

Having a string financial plan is critical. Especially when you are planning for your future, buying a home, trying to tackle debt, funding your children’s educations, or saving for retirement. However, it is not always an easy process. Therefore, many Canadians choose to seek the advice of a financial advisor. 

The Certified Financial Planner® designation is the most widely recognized financial planning designation. This designation provides you with assurance that your financial future is in the hands of a professional who will put your interests first. 

There are approximately 17,000 CFP® professionals across Canada. Worldwide, there are 175,000!

The CFP® certification is the “gold standard” that sets financial advisors apart from others in the industry. Certified Financial Planners® have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, experience, and ethics to examine their clients’ entire financial picture. CFP® provide the highest level of complexity required of the profession. 

To obtain the CFP® designation, candidates must complete a rigorous education program. Furthermore, they must pass a national exam, and demonstrate three years of qualifying work experience. Not only that, but these professionals must keep their knowledge and skills current by completing 25 hours of continuing education each year. Furthermore, CFP® must also adhere to the FP Canada Standards Council™ Standards of Professional Responsibility. This includes a Code of Ethics mandating that CFP® professionals place their clients’ interests first. The FP Canada Standards Council vigilantly enforces these standards.

Evergreen Wealth Advisory

Here at Evergreen Wealth Advisory, both Jodie L Stauffer and Matthew Hammond have their CFP® designation. Your mind can rest easy knowing that our financial advisors have your best interests at heart.

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